Please see the following lists of questions to solve your issues in Blued.


Why am I banned from LIVE?

Being banned, for a period of time or permanently was caused by violating the Blued Community Guidelines for LIVESTREAMING. You can read the GUIDELINE HERE before doing LIVE to make sure you won’t violate the rules that will result in a ban.

Why do I still get banned even though I used a new account?

If you had created an account and it was banned, then the system will already logged your device’s IP Address. So any new account you created will automatically be banned from LIVE as well.


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Please select the LIVE button and then select the star, a poster will appear to register yourself in the activities of the Star Host Project, this activity aims to provide and support positive broadcasts by going through all the challenges to get access to special broadcasts for life.

Before enrolling yourself in a Star Host Project activity, make sure you have the following criteria:

  • Have several followers (more than 30)
  • Gather some likes or comments on your posts
  • Interact with the host regularly (watch live broadcast every day, follow the host’s post, or top up beans / beans).

Why did I get rejected and how do I register again?

If your broadcast application is rejected, then you can register again 30 days after the day of rejection. Some reasons for rejection:

1. You don’t have enough followers.

2. Haven’t Top Up Beans.

3. Did not have posts that are liked by many people.

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Please ensure that when the host is doing a private broadcast, the host invites you to enter the broadcast that is in progress.

Users who can be invited to the Private Broadcast are users who have already given a gift (gift) and have communicated directly with the host via private messages.

How to broadcast

Here’s how to broadcast using the Blued application

  1. Open the Nearby page then select the camera item at the bottom
  2. Click the “Start” button to start broadcasting
  3. Select “Beautify Settings” to choose a filter during the broadcast
  4. Write your broadcast title
  5. Click “Start LIVE broadcast” to start the broadcast. A notification warning will appear according to the Blued community then click “I Understand” and you are ready to start broadcasting!


Problem with Video Call

Make sure your application is the latest version of Blued. We recommend updating or downloading to our latest version.

How to Clear Cache

Please open Blued application and go to My Account page, select Settings then select Clear Cache. Please note that doing so will also erase all your chat history.

How to use filters to find my ideal guy

Difficulties in finding your dream guy? Relax, Blued provides a Filter feature so you can filter the categories according to your taste!

You can pick and filter through the following:

  • Profile picture
  • Orientation / Position
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Language
  • Race

Why is my profile picture still not verified?

Please make sure your profile picture does not contain:

  • Sexual activity or content that is too sexually provocative.
  • Images that include website, telephone number or QR codes.
  • Images of women, except celebrities or caricatures.
  • Image ads, other application logos, ambiguous caricatures.
  • Image of a personal identity card.
  • Images including business practices.
  • Images including abuse, intimidation, threats, violations of other people’s legal rights, or privacy of others and personal information.

My Nearby page has issues

Can’t see other user’s profile picture? Can’t receive photos or videos sent by other users in your Messages? Update your Blued version immediately to get the best experience without any problems.


Blued Premium

Blued comes with the Premium features that you can use to upgrade your Blued app experience.

We offer several awesome features, including:

  1. Exclusive Logo
  2. Exclusive Filters
  3. Visits Without Traces
  4. Message Alerts Read
  5. Browse More
  6. Hiding
  7. Hide Your Online Status
  8. Hide My Distance

You can choose the duration of your subscription: 1 Month, 3 Months, and 12 Months.

Problem in purchasing Blued Premium?

If you have purchased Blued Premium but still haven’t get the priviledge in Blued, you can contact our support team by providing proof or purchase, and your BluedID.

If you have other difficulties in purchasing, please provide screenshot of the problem and contact our support team with your BluedID.


How to link your Blued account

It is very important to link your account to make it easier for you to log in or want to change your password. It also ensures the safety and security of you account from being hacked.

The purpose of linking your account with your email, phone number, and using Blued ID is to make it easier for you to log back in to the Blued application, especially when/if you forget your login password.

Step 1: Go to your “ME” page, and tap on “Linked Accounts”

Step 1: Go to your “ME” page, and tap on “Linked Accounts”


Step 2: Create your BluedID, and then link your account with one of the many choices available

How to change the Blued password

Here are the steps if you want to change the password

  1. Click the account icon, then select “MY ACCOUNT”
  4. Enter your old password then the new password and repeat the password


How to Top Up Beans / Beans?

Open Blued app then go to “ME” page, select My Wallet and “Buy Now”.

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Make sure your application is the latest version of Blued. We recommend updating to our latest version.

How to fill bank account data on the Blued application?

Please open the Blued application then go to the account page, select My Wallet, select Coins and choose Bank Account. You can fill out your bank information and then proceed to make a withdrawal once you have collected 10,000 coins in the previous month.

Make sure you have input the correct Name and Bank Account details. You can ask your bank for their SWIFT code beforehand. Any misspellings will delay the transfer to successfully sent to your account.



Confused about the notifications of incoming messages or new followers appearing on your device’s notification bar, even when Blued isn’t active?

Want to keep your privacy when you’re not using Blued?

Follow the steps below so that notifications do not appear after you exited the Blued application.

  1. Click the “Me” page, then select “SETTINGS”
  2. Select “NOTIFICATION”
  3. Disable all types of notifications that you want from appearing on your device’s notification bar

That’s it!